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Konjac PassionUdo Slice
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Brand Konjac slice
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1. Low calories soluble fibre Konjac.
2. Udo's Oil Blend from Canada, packed with essential fatty acids.
3. Essential fatty acids must be consumed by diet, cannot be generated by your body.
4. Lower cholesterol & glucose level.
5. Perfect combo to complete all your meals.

Best pair: Salad, Burger & Wrap
**Can be eaten on its own like a snack and quick bite too!

Ingredients: Konjac, Udo's Oil Blend, Passionfruit & Orange

Storage instructions:
1. Keep chilled in fridge (2-4'C)
2. Consume within 5 days after opening.

What's in the box

3 pieces or 5 pieces Konjac PassionUdo slice bundle pack.